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I've done almost every quest in the new Cataclysm zones, yet -- no chain's and I'm greeted with a text saying "The Horde war machine needs you!". to Dun Morogh, and go east to Vashj'ir from the very eastern tip of D.M.

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I want to get to Vashj'ir to experience those quests seeing as I haven't If horde are like alliance you are basically on rails in Vashj'ir in terms of.

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Mar 13, A level 80 Vashj'ir Quest. Added in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. All able- bodied members of the Horde are hereby ordered to report to To reach Bladefist Bay you must travel south through the main gates of Orgrimmar.

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Vashj'ir is one of the zones in Cataclysm that heavily features Underwater Alliance and Horde naval ships and submarines - all-new underwater travel and .

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Sep 22, The "Cataclysm" expansion to Blizzard Entertainment's "World of WoW Pro: Arixan's Horde Leveling Guide - Vashj'ir (); August

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Swim to the ocean surface. Look around for a nearby island (Sandy Beach) to swim/fly to. One side is Horde and one side is Alliance. Get flight.

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I've already done the quest with the mercenary boat and the tentacles to take me to Vashj'ir. I did a bunch of quests in Vashj'ir and decided to.

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Dec 3, Alright, you're back in Orgrimmar and ready to head to Vashj'ir. Go to one of the Warchief's Command Boards located throughout the city and.