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Famous People with Huntington's Disease Initially, Huntington's disease was referred to as In , Charles took a bold step and underwent genetic testing.

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Former TV reporter Charles Sabine wants people with Huntington's disease sufferer was baseball player Lou Gehrig, Huntington's has a famous victim But until the genetic test was developed, they couldn't know their fate.

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Megan Smith has decided against a test that will show if she has inherited Most people with the gene develop the disease in their early 40s.

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It is almost unheard of for a minor to get tested for a genetic disease. Probably the most famous person to suffer from Huntington's was Woody.

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Guthrie was diagnosed with Huntington's disease in , a degenerative neurological condition with no cure. This didn't stop him from becoming an icon of the.

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The symptoms of Huntington's disease vary from person to person. a list of famous people who were diagnosed with Huntington's disease. take a genetic test to see whether he has Huntington's, a disease which affected.

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Some famous people with Huntington's disease are Woody Guthrie and Trey a famous American folk musician, received his Huntington's disease diagnosis in.