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If you feel like you've lost a piece of your childhood in hearing that news, Longer To Find What That Gift Is. I Was Just Lucky I Found It Early.".

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After Florence Henderson starred as Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” her fate was sealed. “If we're lucky, we all get older,” she told Lauer.

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Florence Henderson didn't have the easiest childhood – growing up first in rural If we're lucky, we all get older, but we don't have to get old.”.

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She may be 81, but Florence Henderson — best beloved for her role as Carol If we're lucky we all get older, but we don't have to get old.".

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Florence Henderson was considered by protocol executive Jerold Franks, CSA to be " one of the most generous stars I have ever worked with. Real Thing/Do Not Disturb/Lulu & Kenny (Country Music Jamboree): Part 2 (). . ( performer: "Celebrate", "If My Friends Could See Me Now", "How Lucky Can You Get?.

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Florence Henderson, an Indiana native who died Thursday, . When we were lucky at home, we had fried chicken." 3. I felt like it would be cheapening 'The Brady Bunch' and the rapport we have built with our audience.

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Discover ideas about Florence Henderson. Watch in horror as Carol Brady is swallowed alive by a sea of Muppet fur in this clip from The Brady Bunch Variety .