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The star of the Spy Kids series grew up and is slammin'. as Tony Stonem on Skins, but then he continued to prove how grown up and sexy he is with roles in A.

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But there's a special kind of revenge that many child stars get on all those who watched them grow up. And that is: They get super hot. Like, unbelievably so.

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Not all of us grow up as hot looking as others. Luckily for these celebs, their cuteness as a child translated into hotness as adults. Let's check.

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15 Nickelodeon Kid Stars That Grew Up And Became Really Hot favorite stars from that time have faded into obscurity, others have grown up.

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Believe it or not, child stars grow up! And sometimes, the transformation is dramatic.

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All of your favorite TV kids grew up and got hotter. No seriously, take a look.

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While most kids are inherently adorable, not everyone grows up to be an oil painting. These 60 child stars got lucky, though, by turning from super-cute sprogs.

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Remember those cutie-pie kid actors from your favorite childhood movies and shows? Well, they're all grown up and looking good.

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So, if a child star is lucky they will grow up to have a successful a She is definitely one of the most popular child stars who grew up as a hot.

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You see, the number of people who grew up watching cable rose dramatically over . Who's to say a 90's child star cannot grow up and be hot.