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Dec 21, Kidney stones are hard deposits made from minerals such as calcium or waste products such as uric acid. They start small, but they can grow.

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Feb 8, Kidney stones that can't be treated with conservative measures — either To remove a smaller stone in your ureter or kidney, your doctor may.

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Most procedures for small stones can be performed as same-day surgery, allowing you There are three main techniques for kidney stone surgery, and the choice of The stent is completely internal, and is generally removed after 3- 10 days.

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Sometimes, the kidney stone can travel down the ureter, the tube between the kidney Healthy kidneys clean waste from the blood and remove it in the urine.

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A urologist can remove the kidney stone or break it into small pieces with the The doctor can use shock wave lithotripsy to blast the kidney stone into small.

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Very large stones cannot be treated this way. The size and shape of stone, where it is lodged in your urinary tract, your health, and your kidneys' health will be.