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Whitetail deer have no such luxuries. All of this translates to the fact that deer hunting is not only viable in bad weather conditions, but sometimes even preferable depending on the area. Deer Movement During Windy Conditions.

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Hunters often wonder if deer move when it's windy, if deer are more active when it's cold and if it's worth it to go deer hunting in the rain. I initially thought that wind speeds of 12 to 15 miles per hour would be the best days to.

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During the hunting season, rain is not a deterrent to deer movement. light rain or even heavy rain, they show up on cue: does and fawns first;.

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Is hunting deer in the rain more trouble than it's worth? When the rain does indeed drum against the windowpane, isn't the hunter better off inside? . Often accompanied by wind, rain can mean a move toward the leeward.

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Are you confused about whether deer moves in the rain or not? Have no fear, we' ve got you covered by writing this awesome article explaining.

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Does this nudge whitetails to be up and about more often when it's raining? It might not be a major factor, but I firmly believe that deer move.