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Uber’s Value Gets a Boost Thanks to Toyota’s $M Investment. Uber, the ride-share company, has increased its estimated valuation by $4 billion since February Toyota invested $ million in Uber to get in on the self-driving car race, a market estimated to grow to $7.

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Uber Technologies Inc. already is one of the world's most valuable companies, valued at as much as $ billion, according to a report in The.

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That's the new claim in the settlement agreement between Uber and Waymo. How much a company is worth is always a bit of an artificial.

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At a valuation of $ billion, Uber would be worth more than Honda ($ billion), Tesla ($ billion), General Motors ($ billion).

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Now, less than 10 years later, Uber has ballooned into the most valuable tech unicorn, a term for companies worth $1 billion or more, but that's.

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Travis Kalanick Net Worth Tops $4 Billion With Sale of Uber Stock “We have all of the disadvantages of being a public company as far as a.

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Valuation would make ride-hailing app worth more than three times as much as Ford.