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The data files that you define in the configuration file using the innodb_data_file_path configuration option form the InnoDB system tablespace. The files are.

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Partitioned MyISAM tables created in previous versions of MySQL are not compatible with MySQL Such tables must be prepared prior to upgrade, either by.

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MySQL Server · MySQL Enterprise · Workbench · InnoDB Cluster · MySQL NDB Cluster · Connectors · More · · Downloads · Developer Zone.

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InnoDB is a general-purpose storage engine that balances high reliability and high performance. In MySQL , InnoDB is the default MySQL storage engine.

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InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage: The percentage of the InnoDB buffer pool that is in use. Hover over the graphic to see additional information, such as Usage Rate.

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You might still use ENGINE=InnoDB clause if you plan to use mysqldump or replication to replay the CREATE TABLE statement on a server.

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The InnoDB source files are the best place to look for information about internals of the file The InnoDB workspace consists of: tablespace and log files.

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InnoDB is the default and most general-purpose storage engine, and Oracle . data to a spreadsheet and a few MEMORY tables for temporary workspaces.