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He talked with some referees about how to get started in the was then the Big Ten Conference's director of officials.

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Basketball official "TV Teddy" Valentine will not be doing Big Ten at Big Ten media day that the conference typically uses 30 to 35 referees.

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'TV Teddy' Valentine out as Big Ten referee after 34 seasons. Ted Valentine, the longtime NCAA referee known as "TV Teddy," will not be rehired by the Big Ten after 34 seasons. One of his most notable run-ins resulted in an epic tongue-lashing from legendary IU men's basketball.

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College basketball referee and Charleston resident Ted Valentine is at home this week as the NCAA The year-old referee knows why.

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Veteran referee Ted Valentine is no stranger to controversy. Rick Boyages, the associate commissioner of the Big Ten who supervises.

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Ted Valentine, a referee known derisively at times as “TV Teddy,” won't work Big Ten games this year as the conference declined to offer him a.

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Latest news and commentary on Ted Valentine including photos, videos, quotations, and a biography.

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Ted Valentine, the referee who turned his back on North Carolina point guard Joel Berry during a game last week, is now mulling retirement.

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Ted Valentine's name has become synonymous with controversy during his nearly three decades as a ref. Valentine was the official who got.

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Referee Ted Valentine considering retirement after incident with UNC's Here's Ted Valentine talking to FSU fans (who, I believe were talking.