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Sending group emails and messages is a laborious process if you have to add each recipient one by one to the "To" field. It's far easier to set up.

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A) Is there no way to create a group to the contact list on your IPad or iPhone? You can add contacts to groups in on a computer.

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Here'show to send group emails on an iPhone or iPad. You need to iPad Contacts app iOS screen showing Plus button to add a new contact.

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The steps to create a distribution list on iPhone/iPad Once you've created your email groups on your iPhone/iPad, the best way to send an.

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You can send Group Emails on iPhone and iPad using a workaround to create a Contact Group right on your iPhone or iPad, without using iTunes.

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You can organize your contacts by creating groups where you can collect several contacts under one name such as 'soccer club', 'help team'.

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Thanks to groups in iMessages, you can share almost anything you like to all your family and friends. How to start a group message on iPhone or iPad; How to rename a group message; How to . Include playlist for SD cards, one big adhesive pocket for a mini tablet, and one detachable hand strap.