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Hey guys, i'm still new with my camera and done a bit of reading in the manual, but I am a bit confused on how to adjust the shutter speed.

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This is a very quick tip on how to change lens aperture on Nikon D80 and D90 lens aperture manually, while the camera picks the right Shutter Speed for you.

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In A mode you choose the Aperture and the D80 chooses the shutter speed. . No need for this with Nikon, so long as you have Image Review set to ON.

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M, S, and P mode all allow you to set a shutter speed. As noted above, in M mode you will be responsible for setting both aperture and shutter.

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Your Nikon digital SLR can do it using 'Shutter Priority Mode.' Watch this photography tutorial video to learn how to use shutter priority mode on your Nikon D80, How To: Control shutter speed and aperture settings on a Canon How To: Set shutter priority settings on a Canon EOS Rebel XS (D).

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Nikon reserves the right to change the specifications .. MB-D80 Batteries ( All Modes). .. How do I keep the shutter speed and aperture displays.

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Nikon D80 Review - D80 Exposure. with shutter speeds from 1/4, to 30 seconds available, as well as a Bulb setting for longer exposures. that of the D70/D70S, a reduction in shutter speed that also shows up in the D80's lower 1/