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Scan your handwritten signature into Word and insert it into a document. Add your title or Create and insert a handwritten signature. You need a Scan the page and save it on your computer in a common file,.gif,.jpg, or. png.

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Jul 21, Creating an electronic signature and adding it to your Word, PDF .. Some file formats will not allow this, so that is why I've stuck with gif & jpg.

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Enter your name in the “Title” field; Select “Imported graphic” and then select “File ” then “Browse”. Select file of the signature. Click 'OK'.

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Feb 28, To create a transparent stamp, you must “feed” Acrobat a file with ribbon, then the Picture button; Find the TIFF image you scanned earlier.

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Oct 30, Typing your signature with a cursive font like this: John Doe. When saving your signature, make sure it is in JPEG format as shown below.

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Start making your signature using our easy step-by-step wizard. It is free Simply draw your signature on the screen and get a file with the image once done.