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Odds are, one of the first things you'll try to do in GarageBand for Mac is trim a track. Good news: it's super-duper easy, whether you want to.

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I used to be able to highlight there section and then edit and cut - but that doesn't seem to work anymore. . I use Garage Band to mix playlists of, for example, 40 tracks. The Main Window does not represent a "Playlist".

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Best Garageband for PC Programs Tricks to Get Garageband for PC mix your own songs, edit tempo, play different instruments, cut songs.

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For Microsoft Windows users who want to edit audio files, we highly recommend WavePad, a great program you can download for free.

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Cutting Songs in GarageBand for Mac When the “Choose a Track Type” window pops up, click the.

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Editing audio with GarageBand: cutting and exporting . slider to the left of the track, and you can also adjust the universal output level at the top of the window.