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Draw another circle, the same size as the eye. It must be exactly in line with it, horizontally. It must 'wrap' around the nose.

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Learn how to draw Homer Simpson with this step-by-step tutorial and video. This circle will more or less be Homer's head. Draw Homer Simpson Step 2.

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Step 6: Now learn how to draw this The Simpson's character's head. Draw an upside-down U that begins near the top left of the left eye. The curve of the U.

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Structure-wise, there are a couple key elements to consider when drawing Homer Simpson. First, his head is vertically long and ovular. And second - the core of.

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How to draw Homer Simpson step by step. Draw his head. simpson full body, how to draw homer eating a donut, how to draw homer simpson head easy.

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Draw the branded hairstyle of Homer Simpson, which consists of two curved lines on the top of the head, and letter “M” above the ear. learn.