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This instructable will help you make a cube out of the Neocube the easiest way that i Now fold the first six by six square in so you will now have 2 six by six.

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BuckyBalls - Turn Balls Into a Cube: The first time BuckyBalls are unpackaged they come in a cube. This cube is perfect regardless if the or package os .

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How to Reassemble Your Buckyballs Into a Cube: Hello everyone! In this Instructable, you will learn how to turn your pile of Buckyballs into a perfect cube.

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How to Make a Neocube Ball: A Ball Made Out Of The Neocube By Strong Force You Will Need To Make 20 Triangles (Will Be 4 Extra Triangles In The Set).

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How to Make a Neo Cube Sphere: In this instructable I will show you how to make a Neo Cube sphere out of Neo Cube magnets. Items needed: Neo.

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how to build a solid decahedron with buckyballs, zen magnets, neocube, nanodots, I've made the most of the simple tricks and put them together into one clip.

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Tutorial on how to make a spinning top (zen magnet/buckyballs/neocube) . Glow in the dark Neocube magnets, and black Bucky balls. Hangil Bae ยท neocube .

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The NeoCube comes in the shape of a 6x6x6 cube but it can be a challenge to Due to the nature of the tiny NeoCube magnets, there have been numerous.