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To learn more about what data we collect and your privacy options, see our Niggaz be bobbing and weaving and shit, I ain't feelin' that, y'all need to come correct. Get a bobbing and weaving mug for your grandma Riley.

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To move quickly up and down and side to side, typically in an attempt to evade someone or something. You need to bob and weave more so that your opponent .

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John Tucker Must Die () When they go in for the kiss and knock heads "I think I bobbed when you weaved.

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In boxing, bobbing and weaving is a defensive technique that moves the head both beneath "How're you doing?" "Oh, you know, bobbin' and weavin'.").

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Time - Phrase. - Ow! - Ow,. Ow, (laughs). I-I think I bobbed when you weaved,. - Yeah, - (chuckles). CARRI E.

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Come forward brawlers such as Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier were masters at bobbing and weaving. If you're a pressure fighter who is shorter than most of your .

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Of course, it's not really me, but you know what I mean." What she I tell my guys that boxing is also bobbing and weaving. If you can't do that.

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I wanna see a three-man weave from center, Two hands, Matt, You, too, Chris, .. So good night, - Ow! - Ow, Ow, I-I think I bobbed when you weaved, - Yeah.