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how to check if agency is registered is the correct function to call. I'm guessing a is an int, which would make a / perform integer arithmetic. Try / ) instead. int a =

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float f = f;;; //Output is 9;; //Output is 10;; // Output is 9. You may also be able to just cast the number to int: int i = (int) f;.

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Whatever the number happens to be rounded, I always wanted You can't round () or ceil() a number, when it is always a whole number.

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Java math FAQ: How do I round a float or double number to an integer in Java? Solution: Use to round a float (or double) to the.

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of method. import;. class Gfg {. // driver code. public static void main(String args[]). {. // float numbers. float x = f;.

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Overview of several ways of handling the common problem of rounding a decimal number in Java.

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In this program, you'll learn to round a given number to n decimal places in Java.

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Rounding a number in the range [, ) returns the number 3; Truncating a . This is because Java treats any whole-number constant you write into your code .