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A make whole call (provision) is a type of call provision on a bond allowing Make whole call provisions are defined in the indenture of a bond.

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A make-whole call provision is a call provision attached to a bond, whereby the borrower must make a payment to the lender in an amount equal to the net.

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Make-whole calls (MWC) first appeared in the bond markets in the mids and have become commonplace ever since. In fact, MWCs have become more commonplace in corporate bonds than their counterpart the traditional par call. Many corporate bonds, some municipal bonds and preferred.

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What is a Make-Whole Call? A make-whole call is a type of call provi- sion in a bond allowing the borrower to pay off remaining debt early. The borrow- er has to .

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Redemption features are an important consideration when investigating the investment attributes of any fixed income security. Many bonds.

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In recent years, the make-whole call has become commonplace for taxable bonds, including municipal Build America Bonds.

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Make Whole Call has been defined 3 different ways in documents like MSRB Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms, Glossary, Glossary of Bond Terms.

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The Make Whole Call (MWC) is originally an option in the "final terms" of some of against the U.S. Treasury has been defined, during the pricing of the bond.