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Haptic or vibration feedback is a vibration that occurs when an item on the screen of the device has been touched, giving the user confirmation that they have.

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From the home screen, press the applications menu key on the display that will bring up Scroll and locate 'Haptic feedback' form the menu.

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Hello, First post on this forum. Got my epic four days ago. I just noticed that my menu and back keys have weaker haptic feedback than my.

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Haptic feedback tells you when you've tapped a key. Select from the on-screen menu which key you want to enable vibration feedback for.

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How to Disable Haptic Feedback on Samsung Galaxy and LG Devices menu by pull down the notification shade and tapping the cog icon.

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How to turn the the haptic feedback vibration off at your Samsung Galaxy Note 4? To do this open from the Home screen the menu and then Settings of Android. no longer vibrate when you press a key or perform a specific action software.

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This feature is optional because it acknowledges a key press or display From the Home screen, press Menu; Tap Settings; Tap Sound; Select Haptic feedback .

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Haptic feedback is a vibration of certain keys such as the Menu and Back keys Turn on or off haptic feedback for samsung note mp4-canvas58