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Words like intimacy and holiness began to take on new meaning and you begin I see an interesting transition happening with Wholeness Ministries. . There have been trips to Qatar, Kuwait, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Serbia, to name a few.

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Lately, I have found that I'm frequently using the word wholeness, and since the byline of this ministry is “teaching spiritual truths for health and wholeness,” and wellness, wholeness might mean being well in spirit, mind and.

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Jesus' healing ministry is summarized: "all who touched him were 'saved' The Greek word sõzein can mean both 'to heal' and 'to save'.

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The full meaning of shalom is far more than suggested in the word peace. Spiritual wholeness comes when we seek God, find God, and live.

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Ellel Ministries takes its name from its first building in England, Ellel Grange, In old English, the name Ellel means 'All hail' which means 'All glory to God'.

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Most believers think the word salvation simply means “to be saved from eternal restoration, healing, wholeness and soundness in spirit, soul and body. It's true.

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Health ministry in a faith community is an approach to wholeness and health that builds .. The same word is also the root of the word that means not only “to be.

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What does it look like to live into the wholeness that God has prepared for your life- And if your definition of health is so narrow that it can only be satisfied by . It's a shame her name was never written down because, nearly two thousand.