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Is there any way to move a certain part of your lineart in Sai? I sometimes draw things in incorrect places, and I would rather not want to draw it.

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I hope it still helps someone D: Part 2: Simple Coloring SAI Vector Layer Tutorial. Your "Move" tool on mine is actually titled Translate etc.

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And for those that are still confused about moving files around here's Adding new texture/brush/paper to SAI by mzclark :iconflying-wolf

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Can you seriously not move selections in linework layers? than what I'm used to in other drawing programs and it's frustrating given the lack.

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Kori Okami Lone Wolf. The best Or you can select the line art, reverse the selection, and delete the surrounding area. You'll . Then open a "black and white" adjustment layer and move most of the colors to white. You will.

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Click on the Edit too, choose the "Translate Stroke" option, and move to your heart's content.

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Paint Tool SAI Tutorial 1 by driflooning on deviantART. Val SAI Tutorial: Vector Line Art by SakuraChan Digital Painting Tutorials, Digital Art Tutorial.

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How to Create a Little Red Riding Hood Inspired Fairytale Illustration in Paint Tool SAI The line art of Little Red Riding Hood is ready. Notice that Stop when every part is done, and get ready to move on to drawing the wolf and background.

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After you've painted colors on the line art, we can move on to the detailing. We'll start with his face. Add volume to the nose, eyes and ears.

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The drawings in the tutorial are made by me. First, SAI 2 beta has more brush settings than the previous version - for example you can scale for sketching and lineart respectively #dazedogdraws#canine#wolf art . in SAI 2, well if you wanna move your brushes from SAI 1 over you're fucked and have to do it manually.