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Abuelito Who. By Sandra Cisneros. Abuelito who throws coins like rain and asks who loves him who is dough and feathers who is a watch and glass of water.

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19 Oct: "Abuelito Who" by Sandra Cisneros. Abuelito who throws coins like rain. and asks who loves him. who is dough and feathers. who is a.

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Sandra Cisneros is the author of a poem we often use as a model in the Oregon Writing Project. The poem Abuelito Who is a tribute to her.

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―Sandra Cisneros. Abuelito Who Abuelito who throws coins like rain (name of character – simile) ___ - Follow the structure of the poem line by line (50 pts).

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Poem by Leslie Marmon Silko. Abuelito In “Abuelito Who,” Sandra Cisneros characterizes her As you read the two poems, pay attention to how each poet.

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Sandra Cisneros. “Abuelito Who”. Abuelito who throws coins like rain In this poem, Sandra Cisneros uses similes, metaphors, and symbols to capture the.

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Your poem must follow the same format as “Abuelito Who” by Sandra Cisneros. Please leave the “who” and “is” in the same locations and add your poetry.

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Nora Helmer who lives like a child / and asks for the capital / who is motorcycles and only childs / who is a miracle worker and a thief in the day.

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This product includes 4 STAAR formatted comprehension questions for the poem "Abuelito Who" by Sandra Cisneros. I personally use it for a quick poetry.