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There's a way to find out who hasn't accepted your friend request on Facebook. Whether it's the girl you got with in a club who never text back.

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Want to cancel all not accepting friend request from my side . because i hear it the limit of sent friend request then facebook will block you as a spam and i.

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You can check the listing of friend requests you have sent that have not been acted on and if the one you are looking for is not listed then it has either been.

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You will see the text "Friend Request Sent" if you sent a request that is awaiting approval. If that text is not there, the user has either accepted or rejected your.

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You might not know, but you can quickly find out exactly who you have a sent a Facebook friend request to and see any pending requests that.

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But to see the requests that you've sent - and that have been ignored all of your friend requests that have been sent and not accepted yet.