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If you see the class javadoc for, you'll notice that the entire interface contract was deprecated and replaced with the new.

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Thus my HQL would be something like "from where user_id=my_usr_id ()" and I would substitute "my_usr_id" with "1stbarcelonahotels.com_usr_id" in.

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HQL is not a substitute for SQL. Rather, it lets us express our queries in an object- oriented form. When an HQL expression is executed, it is first transformed into.

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Fields inherited from class 1stbarcelonahotels.comBaseWalker . This map will be used to substitute function names and constants. collectionRole .

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As mentioned earlier, HQL is an SQLlike, Hibernatespecific, and database the relational world,HQL isagreat substitutefor SQLwhen you're developingthe.

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For significant others, the more concrete the HQL dimension being rated, the In SWOG trials, patient measures do not substitute for physician measures but.

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In addition to the HQL, we sought a subjective measurement for some of the of such absolute quality judgements we have found no substitute for the HQL.

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So check the value of "1stbarcelonahotels.comtute" property in your -hiveconf start_date=current_date -f" from command line.