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Summoner Lookup with statistics, ratings, LoLSkillScore and more for hi im gosu, a League of Legends summoner on NA.

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The other day he played Cait one game and, halfway through, just says "Why do I even play Vayne?" He knows he could do better, he just.

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Proof:1stbarcelonahotels.com watch hi im gosu vayne ADCs are so god damned op, Riot please nerf their hardest counters.

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View quick builds and guides from 's Hi Im Gosu - a DIAMOND Alternate.

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1stbarcelonahotels.com im Orjohn T + 1stbarcelonahotels.com

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Promo a Platino 3 | Coach de Gosu · info-unknown Umehara弟 Lol 伝説の はじまり · info-unknown Im a cute Egirl, Donate for Private Premium · info- unknown seed. i had a water gun pointed to my head to play league hello there everyone: . seed. Younggooby - Vayne God - Too ill for cam, mic is there tho.