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Stratus clouds are low-level clouds characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base, The word "stratus" comes from the Latin prefix "strato-", meaning "layer". Stratus clouds may produce a light Though rare, this cloud formation is caused by disturbances on the gentle wind shear. Stratus undulatus clouds are.

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Clouds with a base below ft including cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratocumulus and stratus.

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High-level clouds occur above about 20, feet and are given the prefix “cirro.” Due turn, thicken and lower into altostratus, stratus, and even nimbostratus. gray layer of cloud cover which may be precipitation-free or may cause periods of .

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Stratus clouds are a type of low-level cloud, occurring below 6, feet. One of the reasons for this lack of visibility is steady precipitation.

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Altostratus Nimbostratus. low clouds. Stratus Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Obviously, all the lower and middle level clouds will obscure the view of the higher . winds that cause divergence) situated in the middle levels of the atmosphere.

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As in fog, the time scale for a parcel to enter a stratus having a mean vertical The turbulence level in stratus clouds is low in absolute magnitude, just as it is in fog. produces lighter and darker regions in stratocumulus is nil in these clouds.

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Stratus is a low-level layer cloud (not to be confused with altostratus area, the cloud base will be right down to the ground and will cause fog. feet ( metres ), which means that hilltops may be obscured by cloud.