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Thelma Catherine Nixon (née Ryan; March 16, – June 22, ), commonly known as Pat Nixon did much to add substance to the role of the Vice President's wife, insisting on visiting schools, Her mother died of cancer in Pat.

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Pat Nixon, the quiet consort who stood by her husband, Richard M. Nixon, Mrs. Nixon, who had been ill for several years, died of lung cancer.

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Richard and Pat Nixon may have had a turbulent, year Richard Nixon was devastated when his wife died of cancer in June

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Former First Lady Pat Nixon, the model political wife who stood silently by her husband When Mrs. Nixon was 12, her mother died of cancer.

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National First Ladies' Library's biography for Pat Nixon. name of "Patricia," or " Pat" upon the death of her father; of Irish parentage, he had first called liver ailment and cancer (), Pat Ryan Nixon assumed the household chores of.

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U.S. first lady Pat Nixon was the wife of President Richard Nixon. Get her life When Pat was 12, her mother died of cancer. As her mother.

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Richard Nixon was the 37th U.S. president and the only commander-in-chief to resign from his position, .. On June 22, , Pat Nixon died of lung cancer.

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Betty Ford's candor about her breast cancer diagnosis helped bring a women who died from breast cancer were often listed as dying from 'a.