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Phenothiazines . The primary drug in the treatment of VF is adrenaline - all other drugs are of secondary importance. • Provide given down the endotracheal tube - the dose is 5 times the intravenous dose and it should be diluted in.

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While many medications are absorbed through the endotracheal route, it is recommend administration of the drugs directly down the endotracheal tube in.

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Use of endotracheal drug therapy during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is tube is usually inserted during CPR; in most cases, this procedure can be.

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cellular reactions caused by the drugs, since the systems y To whom . Y. UESONO et al. down responses, then phenothiazines should induce.

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Phenothiazine Drugs: Structure-Activity Relationships Explained by a. Conformation That can explain (i) the greater potency of drugs with trifluoro- rotations; and to display thedata on the cathode ray tube der Waal's radii were set at 90% of those used by Leach et al. clockwise when viewed down the bond X-Y (25).

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duced by dropping local analgesic drug down the endotracheal tube the patient is This technique has always worked very well in those who are not particularly anresthesia. When the phenothiazine drugs became available it seemed.