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It means 'thank you' khob-kun ขอบคุณ. khob-kun-Ka, If you are a woman. khob- kun-Krub, If you are a man. Moreover, Khob kun is used in general for every and .

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Krab/Ka There are words that reflect the gender of the speaker. Men end a sentence with " krab "; women with " ka " in a polite way to speak. (as the meaning, Thai Language (Green:stress / Blue:male / Pink:female) (female), Khob khun ka.

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Bored of the same "hello, how are you" conversation? I have seen this same community spirit in all the areas I have lived in Thailand. . You might follow up by asking, “(Khun) nuai mai khrup/ka”, meaning “Are you tired?”.

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The neighborhood is an unusual combination of old Bangkok and uber-touristy -- funky gentle and grinding, highly commercial and deeply spiritual, gritty and elegant, refined and raw. “Khob kun ka” means “thank you.

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พลอย Ploy/ploy/: It is a girl's nickname, meaning precious stone or . Khob khun na khrub! Sawatdii ka Khun Sunner, you are my university's junior. .. are given a nickname at birth to prevent the evil spirits from knowing.

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It means “Thank You“ Its actually thanks to her adventurous spirit (and bad influence) that I am now jumping on the back of motorcycles to run errands when I You can't do anything for a family our size for under six bucks!! Sending her off with hugs, bags full of Thai treasures, and big Khob-Kun-Ka!!.

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Yin dee ja|khrap [mak mak Khrap ], welcome - very very - name, answer/reply to khob kun khrap Ka chan ja duu lae dtua eeng: I will take care of myself (female ) kao-jai mai: (cow kao jai: to understand (literally to enter the heart/body/soul) mai kao jai Mai mee nam jai: not have kind heart - mean person. Hen jai: to.

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Thailand is a visa on arrival destination, with the baht a lot more forgiving than the euro or the dollar. Khob Khun Kha means thank you.