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4D film or 4-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D of 4-D equipment in more traditional cinemas, with developers such as 4DX, D-Box Technologies, and Mediamation competing for venues.

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4DX is a motion picture technology owned and developed by South Korean company CJ . In , films shown on cinema screens with 4DX technology cumulatively reached 15 million viewers. On 15 March , France's first 4DX theater.

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The cinema exhibition business is no exception and, thankfully, seems to be In general, “4D” refers to the technology that adds motion, wind.

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The immersive movie theatre uses high-tech motion seats and special effects to simulate wind, snow, fog, lightning, bubbles, water and scents.

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I didn't just go to a movie the other night, I was “in the movie”. That's what maker of new cinema technology 4DX claims happened, at least.

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CJ 4DPLEX's th 4DX location launched earlier this week at Wanda Cinemas in Beijing, China with a screening of Spider-Man.

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4D cinema incorporates physical motion of things around you and the seat you are sitting on (seat effect simulation), along with a . Ravish Pathan, Tech geek.

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Immersive Cinema Technology 4DX to Open in 7 New Cinepolis Locations in New cities include Mexicali, Mexico and Coquimbo, Chile.