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Bearded dragons have specific lighting requirements that need to mimic the These full spectrum bulbs run out of the UV rays before the lights actually The wattage needed depends on the size of the enclosure and if any.

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Ideal for popular pet reptiles such as bearded dragons, Linear . Once the bulb runs for a certain length of time, the UVB it produces may.

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You are here: Home / Bearded Dragons / Best UVB Bulb For . T5HO 46″ UVB is perfect for oversized enclosures greater than 36” in length.

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Because of this, bearded dragons receive UVA and UVB radiation naturally You should use a fluorescent bulb that is at least 80% the length of the enclosure.

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Another good basking bulb you can use are Halogen floods, as these UVB light is needed for your Bearded Dragon to synthesize vitamin D3. They are suitable for any size of tank, and should be replaced once every five months or so .

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Re: UVB Bulb Length. Post by VenusAndSaturn» Thu Dec 21, am. Either or works, if you can afford 34" tube and 36" hood then get it.

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soooo, will an 18inch bulb of totally un-interrupted UV work well for this size viv? Cool side no light fixture *debating on whether to have one.

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Types of tank; Bearded Dragon Tank Size; Tank Lighting & Humidity . light in all the UV ranges (which is what bearded dragons need to remain healthy) and.

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For bearded dragons, UVB exposure or lacktherof can mean life or death! Because of this, it is crucial you only use the best UVB bulbs for bearded dragons . opt for the or the is going to essentially come down to one thing: tank size.

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Setting up your bearded dragon's tank with the right basking and UVB bulb is actually really simple, it just You'll also need to consider the size of the tank itself.