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Gamer 1: Ratchet is one of the universe's greatest heroes that has been known by all kinds of alien That means that the clock can't turn the opposite direction.

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of ratchet is. What the fuck is that ratchet girls problem? Eww, bitch, your pussy ratchet as hell.

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When a slang word catches on, students of language often have a difficult time figuring out its meanings and origin. This, I suspect, is because it.

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Instantly I get asked, "What does ratchet mean? adj. a term for someone who is either 1. a whore 2. dirty/nasty 3. ghetto as HELL 4. being.

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They still use "ratchet" on rare occasion. They use other random slang, just like any other generation. Savage and fam (and gottchu fam) are.

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We all do. For example, those oh-so comfy slippers that look like they have been through hell and back and you refuse to let them go ratchet.

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Ratchet May 29, PM Subscribe. What is the etymology of "ratchet," a slang term with a negative meaning? You can find sources here: When nurse ratchet won't let McMurphy fuck his prostitute girlfriend, she was being real ratchet.".

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Slang is an ever evolving way of speaking that's hard to keep track of if you're to go with it, it's harder to figure out what the heck all these kids are talking about. If you're wondering "what does bae mean," or are trying to figure out if "ratchet" .

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Ratchet is a slang term used to describe someone perceived as classless or trashy. The antonym of ratchet is swag. The term ratchet is often regarded as a great 'tool' for sugar coding the phrase “rat sh*t” so people who don't You mean , this?: ratchet people are fun to watch, but having to hang around them is pure hell.

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And no, we don't mean dehydrated - you know, that feeling when you've been when the phrase you say most around them is “WHAT THE HECK BRO?! Ratchet is another word for trashy, and is ghetto speak for that trashy.