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Have fun with the quiz I have nothing to say, except good luck and I hope you get the name that is right Are you training in martial arts or simply hope to be a ninja one day? You went to the mall, what would you do? What's my name!.

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Type in your full name to get the best results! Find out your true Ninja identity now !.

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Find out your ninja name! Take this quiz! It's not like the movies you know these people will slit your throat it's not all What Does Your Birthday Mean?.

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this quiz is just for fun and use it if you have always wanted to know your inner ninja!.

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Legit my name should not be Japanese. no one wants to say a tongue twister like rikatotokariquiz and comment below what's your wolf name?.

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Your Team Mates are always asking you for options or asking questions. You are the whiz kid Retake Quiz. Share on what would you look like as a cartoon.