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These adjectives are capitalized because they are proper adjectives and based on proper nouns, which we capitalize too (Mexican: Mexico;.

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My brother got me some Mexican food at the restaurant. Also remember that prefixes attached to a proper adjective should not be capitalized, such as.

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The rules for when to capitalize are numerous. Below you'll find the Mexican restaurant; a Latin accent; an Earth-friendly factory. Sometimes.

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donnychan is % correct. mexicano means mexican, its an adjective. "El niƱo mexicano" (the mexican boy), is not capitalized in english nor.

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Some titles start with capital letters because they're attached to the front of a name. Mexican American, Polish American, and other descriptions of national .

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In this article, you'll learn about the rules of capitalization in Spanish, Carlos is from Puebla, Mexico. In Spanish you do not capitalize every word in a title.

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The "caps" icon (usually immediately before a word) indicates either that the following word ought to be capitalized (for one of the reasons listed here) or, if it is.

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In your second example, "city" should not be capitalized. Words for governmental or administrative units are only capitalized when they are used as part of a.

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What Spanish does capitalize are proper names for people, places, holidays, ( Mexico celebrates its independence on September ).