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Kevin Ware is headed closer to home and will transfer to Georgia State, he confirmed in a text message to 1stbarcelonahotels.com He sustained an injury to the same right leg against Missouri State in mid-December and decided to shut it down. He will seek a medical redshirt and have two seasons.

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Kevin Ware moving on to Georgia State, but not forgetting Louisville are too many memories here for me to forget about this place," Ware said.

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Ware suffered a gruesome leg injury during Louisville's run to the title. final in the tournament. He later transferred to Georgia State. NFL teams are paying quarterbacks way too much money and here's the proof.

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Kevin Douglas Ware Jr. (born January 3, ) is an American professional basketball player. On April 12, , Ware officially transferred to Georgia State University. He started the –15 season with two years of eligibility, and the.

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This has changed his life back to being Kevin Ware the basketball player. Ware decided to transfer back to his home state for his junior year of college. he's helped us, too,” said R.J. Hunter, Georgia State's leading scorer.

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Kevin Ware cleared by NCAA to play immediately at Georgia State; transferred from Louisville after gruesome broken leg. Brian Scalabrine strongly believes the expectations for the Lakers are too high.

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Now I'm working hard to be Kevin Ware, the professional basketball player. They're gonna lower the rim so you can cut the net down too. . to the ACC, and I' d have had to sit out a year if I transferred within the conference.

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Browse: Home / Basketball / Kevin Ware to transfer from Louisville Is it too early to start worrying about next year's roster? I know, this team is.

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The reality hit Kevin Ware last week as he sat in his dorm room and "There are too many memories here for me to forget about this place,".

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Former Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who suffered a gruesome Flying at Thornton like an Olympic long-jumper, he reached for the block, an instant too late. . The point guard was Ryan Harrow, a Kentucky transfer and.