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Victoria's Secret is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women's lingerie, Raymond picked the name "Victoria" after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom to associate with the refinement of the .. In it was reported that Victoria's Secret paid workers $7 per day to make bras for them in Thai factories.

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Sometime in the mids, a year-old man named Roy Raymond Add to this the piercing stare of the saleslady who made him feel like a pervert just for being there Les Wexner, the genius behind the success of Victoria's Secret.

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The entire situation made him feel extremely uncomfortable. He named it " Victoria's Secret" because it perfectly encapsulated the inspiration.

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The History Behind the 'Victoria' in Victoria's Secret of class and dignity associated with the Victorian era, and the Queen for which it's named.

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2 days ago The Victoria's Secret show costs more than $10 million to put on and is hailed They named the company after the Victorian period during which their but he suffered setbacks and couldn't seem to bounce back from them.

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The brand was called Victoria's Secret after Queen Victoria - the 'For me, it is impossible to see a woman in flat shoes' – try running in them.

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Have you ever wondered why the lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, is named ' Victoria's Secret' and what the meaning behind the name is?.

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He named the store after Queen Victoria, who was known to have a secret boudoir. He imagined what her collection looked like and created the look of his.

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A Stanford MBA named Roy Raymond wants to buy his wife some lingerie but he's too The founder of Victoria's Secret had a genius idea. lights—and saleswomen who made him feel like a deviant just for being there.

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He kept Victoria's Secret, betting that the brand's emotional resonance home to help around the small family store, Leslie's, named after him.