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If you're looking for the smallest, strongest and most light weight hanging system possible, you want whoopie slings. Whoopie slings are made.

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Our Whoopie Slings are made from genuine Samson 7/64" AmSteel-Blue Dyneema braided Rope which is rated at pounds. With the various splices within.

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FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL UK ORDERS OVER £! Books, Manuals & Maps The Whoopie Suspension system is a great system for making putting your Two ultralight (just 40g for the pair!) ready made DD Whoopie Slings for people.

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The "All in One" system is so named because it has all the elements of your hammock suspension combined in one continuous unit. Your slings are connected.

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I have made sets of whoopie slings for my hammocks they are an excellent piece of kit, made from amsteel (mm, very strong, light weight.

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Products – Whoopie slings. Filter by. All, · paracord · Amsteel DD Whoopie Slings - Hammock Suspension - Amsteel. Regular price £ View.